5K Run Goodie Bag Ideas

5K Run Goodie Bag Ideas
A great goodie bag can make a 5k run memorable and one that runners will want to do again. Along with an interesting course, an imaginative goody bag will stir conversations and delight participants.

Does Your Race Have a Theme?

If your race has a theme, as most do, play it up with grab-bag goodies such as printed leashes for a mutt strut, wildflower seed packets for an eco-race or mini flashlights for a nighttime run.

Goodies to Go With the Locale

Celebrate the natural surroundings of your race with goodies such as grape-themed T-shirts for wine country, a pine tree refrigerator magnet for a woodsy race or sand, seashell and sunscreen treats for a beach-side race.

Goodies to Go With the Season

Races often fall on holidays. Make your goody bag even more festive with treats such as chocolates for Valentine's Day, a cornucopia for Thanksgiving turkey trots or an embossed champagne flute for New Year's Eve.

Local Businesses

Many local businesses will be happy to help out with goodie bag treats. It's free advertising for them, and it makes putting together a goodie bag easier for you. Running stores, candy shops, restaurants and bakeries often have cute giveaway items that promote their businesses and delight your runners.

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