Things to Do in Runaway Bay, Jamaica

Things to Do in Runaway Bay, Jamaica
Runaway Bay is a beautiful area on the north coast of Jamaica. Located just 10 miles west of the popular resort town of Ocho Rios, Runaway Bay is a scenic destination slightly off the beaten path. The region was originally settled by Arawak Indians and later earned its name in the colonial era when numerous slaves started escaping to the sea from the local beaches. There are many outdoor activities for visitors to enjoy as they take in the natural beauty of the Caribbean Sea and surrounding areas.

Runaway Caves

Hike around the Runaway Caves. This is an intriguing spot where visitors can explore the mysterious caves that served as hideouts for various groups over the centuries. The Arawak Indians originally inhabited these caves, followed by pirates and smugglers. The Runaway Caves were also used as a hiding place by slaves escaping from Jamaican plantations. This is a popular destination, so go early in the morning or later in the afternoon to avoid crowds.

The Green Grotto

Visit the Green Grotto at Runaway Bay for a chilling experience. This is an underground lake, covered by a vaulted cave. It is part tidal saltwater and part freshwater. You can hike around the perimeter of the grotto on your own. Another option is to hire an on-site guide to take you in a paddle boat across the waters of this mysterious chamber. Keep an eye out for crayfish and eels in the murky depths.

Dunns River Falls

Dunns River Falls is one of the most popular natural attractions in Runaway Bay. This spectacular waterfall cascades down over 1,000 feet of rocks above the tropical beach below. Hike to the top of the falls, stopping in the shallow wading pools on the way up. Wear pool socks to avoid slipping or cutting your feet. Swim in the mouth of Dunns River, which leads to the sea, to cool off after your hike. The constant mist from the bottom of the falls is extremely refreshing.

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