Camping at Paris Island, SC

Camping at Paris Island, SC
If you are in the southeastern portion of South Carolina and are looking for some island camping fun, pass on the overcrowded Hilton Head island. Paris Island, and its smaller surrounding islands, in South Carolina, is situated almost exactly in the middle of Savannah and Charleston, and offers many more options when it comes to camping than the majority of the other islands nearby.

Hunting Island State Park

Located just east of Paris Island is Hunting Island State Park. This is one of the most pristine islands in the area and has over 5,000 acres of land on which you can camp. There are multiple biking and hiking trails throughout the island. There are few perks, which may in itself be what you are looking for if you want to get away from the crowds and simply set up camp; including miles of beach coastline with only an old lighthouse situated on the beach. Check out the park naturalist, who will be more than willing to take you out on a nature walk through the woods or on the beach.

Tuck in the Wood Campground

Tuck in the Wood Campground is not on the water, but it is situated close enough for you to take a small hike (don't come here if you are looking to boat while camping). It is in the middle of the woods, away from all the hustle and bustle of the daily life. Like the state park, there are very few amenities, outside of your own tent and whatever else you bring with you. It is secluded and can offer the perfect opportunity to get back to nature.

Tuck in the Wood Campgrounds
22 Tuc In De Wood Ln.
Fripp Island, South Carolina 29920

Driftwood RV Park

The Driftwood RV park is one of the few locations in the Paris Island area which allows RVs to camp. It is located a few miles from the United States Marine Core Air State in Beaufort, so you may hear the occasional jet pass overhead. There is water nearby, so you will be able to hike over and take a dip, but it is not as secluded as the other two camping sites because it right off of Highway 21. However, if you are camping in the area and want to bring your RV, this may be one of your only options.

Driftwood RV Park
3558 Trask Pkwy.
Beaufort, South Carolina 29906

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