Bass Fishing Tips and Tactics

Bass Fishing Tips and Tactics
There are many things that bass anglers know that help them catch fish. The habits of bass when exposed to certain water temperatures are one. The effectiveness of plastic creature baits is another. Bass experts also utilize a tactic called Texas rigging, which lets them fish the weedy waters where bass look for food.

Water Temperature

The water temperature dictates the activity of bass. Few bass will be active in the springtime until the water temperature reaches around 55 degrees F. The feeding will pick up among bass after a few consecutive days of 60 to 70 degree F weather. However, the unpredictable nature of spring weather can keep bass anglers in a state of flux. Veteran bass fishermen practice watching the weather forecast for the approach of warm fronts. Once the weather warms up permanently in the spring the spawn will soon follow. True sportsman will not fish during the actual spawn. Catching male bass can be easy as they defend their nests, but this can take so much out of them that they are unable to do their jobs. This can adversely affect the bass population. In the summer, a warm front that brings in scorching hot weather will slow down the feeding activity. Bass at these times will seek shelter under docks, weeds and overhanging trees. Spots that offer shade and cooler water are the places bass anglers look for when heat waves move in.

Soft Plastic Lures

Of all the lures available to tempt bass, there are more varieties of soft plastics. These lures work because they resemble the creatures that bass prey upon. Crayfish, worms, lizards, frogs, toads, mice and other living things are all on a bass menu. A bass angler should always carry some soft plastic baits. Fishing these lures at any depth and even on the surface yields bass. In the thickest of weeds, where lily pads and other floating plants that bass hide under exist, these baits are winners. Well informed anglers will find these locations and then either rig the plastic lure so it can make its way through the heavy plant life without snagging or cast it on top of or to open areas. The individual should prepare for a strike by a bass when reeling in a plastic frog or worm over lily pads.

Texas Rig Fishing

The Texas rigged plastic worm is one of the best lures to catch bass. Stick a plastic worm with an offset worm hook through the thick end. Jut the hook out after it has travelled half of an inch through the worm and then rotate the entire hook so the pointed end faces the worm. Anglers will push the worm all the way up snug to the eye of the hook, put a bullet-shaped worm weight on the line, and tie the hook to the end of the line. Driving the hook into the body of the worm, but not all the way through, forms a lure that can be dragged through weeds and brush without the person having to worry about it snagging. Slowly fishing these lures in weed beds is the idea. Casting out the worm, letting it fall to the bottom, and then making it rise every now and then as line is the method. Reeling in line each time the lure rises brings it through the weeds and is the tactic that makes bass strike.

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