Swimming Areas in Table Rock Lake

Swimming Areas in Table Rock Lake
Table Rock Lake is located near Branson, Missouri. When the state built the Table Rock Dam, it completely changed the makeup of the lake. It originally would have been great for white water rafting enthusiasts, but since the dam was created, the waters have slowed and it is more of a fishing and recreational site. With the slower water comes safer swimming, and several different swimming locations.


The Beaver area is perfect if you are looking to escape the larger crowds and the boating traffic. It's located on the southwest corner of the lake as it begins to curl up into more of a river. This is a great spot if you are just looking to take a quick dip and even provides nice fishing, because you can actually stand in the lake to cast your line. There's less noise in the Beaver area because of the lack of motor boats, which might be perfect if you are looking for a relaxing visit to Table Rock Lake.

Campbell Point

Campbell Point is located on shore in the middle of the winding lake and is fairly easy to get to from Highway 39. In fact, if you stay on the highway, there is a bridge that crosses the lake, so you can go north after stopping at Campbell Point and check out some of the northern swimming areas. There is plenty of swimming, but you will not want to venture out too deep because of all the boats and other motor vehicles.

Cape Fair

Situated at one of the northern-most points in Table Rock Lake, Cape Fair offers another chance to separate yourself from the crowded main areas of the lake. Cape Fair is just off of Highway 75, so it isn't difficult to get to the beach. This area has some of the most wide-open water with plenty of swimming. There are boats and other water vehicles, but not to the extent of the rest of the lake.

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