Caesar Creek Lake Fishing Tips for Flathead Catfish

Caesar Creek Lake Fishing Tips for Flathead Catfish
With about 15 known active and ample species of sport fish, Caesar Creek Lake (Caesar Creek State Park, Waynesville, Ohio) houses a solid population of flathead catfish. Because Caesar Creek Lake is a deep reservoir (about 115 feet in spots), big flatheads will usually stay close to the bottom where its common for them to simply remain still, open their mouths and feed on whatever drifts or swims in. Big flatheads can be caught in Caesar Creek Lake, however. The key to snagging them is understanding how to present the right bait where fish are likely to roam.

Day Fishing

Contrary to the age-old belief that flatheads are most active at night; hunting them on Caesar Creek Lake during the day often results in better fishing. During the day, look for them in obvious spots such as near pools, shady fallen trees and brush, and banks.


Choice Bait

Flatheads will feed on just about anything. However, they prefer bait fish. This includes small sunfish, suckers, cut bait and sculpins. Caesar Creek Lake flats are also suckers for slowly presented dough balls, chicken livers, night crawlers--even hot dogs and gobs of lunch meat.

Jigging and Bottom Fishing

The depths of Caesar Creek Lake are perfect, in spots, for jigging for big, hungry cats. A sufficiently baited and knotted hook, slip sinker lowered to the bottom is a great method for flatheads, especially when the water is on the cool to cold side.

Hook and Bobber

While a good number catfish anglers like to jig for the beasts, only a small percentage hold old-fashioned hook and bobber rigs in high enough regard. A weighted No. 7 or 8 hook with a solid float suspended in about 10 to 20 feet of dark water is suitable in the calm waters of Caesar Creek Lake.

Ohio Fishing Regulations

A valid Ohio fishing license is required to fish for flathead catfish in Caesar Creek Lake. State law limits each angler to one 35-inch or larger flathead per day. Note: Depending on fish populations, some state park fishing rules may differ from overall state gaming laws. It is important to check with park officials before keeping fish.

Ohio Department of Natural Resources
State Parks Division
2045 Morse Road, Building C
Columbus, OH 43229-6693


Article Written By Jim Hagerty

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