How to Swim With Dolphins in Queensland

How to Swim With Dolphins in Queensland
Nicknamed the Sunshine State, tropical Queensland is located in Northeastern Australia. Bordered by the Coral Sea and the Pacific Ocean, there are a variety of options when it comes to finding a dolphin swimming experience. It is important to note that Australia takes great measures to protect its wild dolphin populations, which means it is illegal to feed a dolphin from a boat or intentionally pet one. That being said, you are more than welcome to play in the waves together.

Dolphin Wild Cruise To Moreton Bay

Moreton Bay, an internationally recognized marine park, is home to wild bottlenose and Pacific humpback dolphins. Tour operator Dolphin Wild offers cruises guided by marine naturalist experts to Moreton Bay, in addition to snorkeling and swimming excursions while dolphins swim and play nearby. Prices range between $115 and $140 per adult depending on whether you leave from Brisbane, Redcliffe or the Gold Coast. Snorkeling costs an additional $20 for adults and includes all equipment as well as guide fees. Fees are quoted in Australian dollars.

Dolphin Wild Island Cruises
Shop 3 Cominos Arcade Redcliffe Parade
Queensland 4020
(+61) 07 3880 4444

Barnacles Dolphin Centre

Tin Can Bay, located 3 hours north of Brisbane, is where many wild Pacific Humpback dolphins call home. The Barnacles Dolphin Centre offers charters and sells food to feed the dolphins, and dolphin sightings are said to be incredible as is the natural interaction of the dolphins with humans, both of which regularly swim together in the bay's blue waters.

Barnacles Dolphin Centre
Norman Point, Tin Can Bay
Queensland 4580
(+61) 07 5486 4899

Sea World Gold Coast

Looking for something a bit tamer? Try the Adult or Child Dolphin Aqua Adventure Program with Sea World's trained dolphins. For 225 Australian dollars, you are able to spend 20 minutes in the water with a trainer and a dolphin, in addition to getting ample extra time to observe and learn about them from your trainer. The price includes a souvenir photograph of you and a dolphin, as well as a DVD.

Sea World Gold Coast
Sea World Drive
Main Beach, Gold Coast
Queensland 4217
Tel: (+61) 07 5588 2205

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