Things to Do in Maui in February

Things to Do in Maui in February
Humpback whales visit Hawaii from November to April. During February, the whale's existence and importance to Hawaii is brought to the forefront during the Maui Whale Festival. Visitors enjoy whale-watching excursions to view humpback whales and their young. Occasionally, other dolphin and whales species---10 species of whales and dolphin swim in Hawaiian waters---make appearances on excursions. Other festivities include the Chinese New Year Celebration. If celebrating a beginning isn't strenuous enough, don those hiking boots and get ready to explore Maui.

Whale Watching

The whales start to arrive in Hawaiian waters in November to give birth to their young. The calves are born weighing roughly 1 ton and stretch 11 to 13 feet. The humpback whales are one of the biggest reasons to visit Maui during the winter months. And it doesn't hurt that the average high temperature is 81 degrees F. Visitors to Maui can take a kayaking expedition out to see the whales. This is great way to make a low impact on the waters and wildlife. It also puts the kayaker level with the whales with no noisy motors to distract or scare them. More traditional boat tours are an option, too. The Lahaina Cruise Company is one of those traditional boat tour options. Lahaina Cruise Company is affiliated with the Island Marine Institute, which researches the whales as they migrate to Maui. Lahaina Cruise Company provides experts on hand, professional crew and whale cams. Whale Cams are underwater cameras that allow you to view the whales while they are swimming.

Lahaina Cruise Company
1036 Limahana Place, 3E
Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii 96761
(877) 500-6284

Great Maui Whale Festival

The Pacific Whale Foundation organizes the yearly event called the Great Maui Whale Festival, which occurs every year on Maui to celebrate the annual visitation of the giant whales. According to the Great Maui Whale Festival website, "Pacific Whale Foundation strives to host a green event. We are committed to creating a sustainable festival that betters our environment rather than harming it." To achieve an eco-friendly festival, the restaurants feature sustainable fish, meaning the fish harvests can be continued without seriously injuring that species population. Produce is locally grown using environmentally friendly cultivation methods. The festival centers around four events including Run for the Whales, Maui's Parade of Whales, Maui's Whale Day Celebration and The Great Whale Count. Essentially, a parade, a fund-raising marathon, a craft fair with entertainment and an on-shore humpback whale count make up the three-day event.

Maui Whale Festival
Pacific Whale Foundation
300 Maalaea Road, Suite 211
Wailuku, Hawaii 96793
(808) 856-8325

Chinese New Year Celebration

Maui celebrates the Chinese New Year with a martial arts competition, brightly colored lions dancing in the street, a parade, fireworks, traditional food and crafts. The date varies each year, but the event usually occurs on a Friday and Saturday during early February.


The glory of Maui is its lovely, nearly one-of-a-kind scenery. Hiking is an excellent way to pass the time, test your endurance and view the island inexpensively. Large varieties of trails exist in Maui--30 miles of trails meander through the Haleakala National Park alone. For experienced hikers, the Pali Trail climbs more than 1,500 feet over 5.5 miles. The trail itself possesses a difficult rating. Beginner hikers may enjoy the Pa Kaoao Trail. It is extremely short at only half a mile. Both travels provide spectacular views of Maui.

Haleakala National Park
PO Box 369
Makawao, Hawaii 96768
(808) 572-4400

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