Things to Do in Ixtapa, Mexico

Things to Do in Ixtapa, Mexico
Ixtapa is a beach town on the southwestern shores of Mexico. Situated 124 miles to the north of Acapulco on the Pacific Ocean, Ixtapa is a government-planned tourist resort that was established in the 1970s. This land in the Zihuatanejo de Azueta Municipality used to be a coconut plantation. Nowadays, tourists flock to this area for the pristine beaches and luxury hotels. Visitors can enjoy a number of outdoor activities as they take in the natural beauty of this region in Mexico.

Diving and Snorkeling

Go diving or snorkeling in the beautiful waters along the shores of Ixtapa. Tour the reefs and check out the diverse marine life. The ocean waters at Ixtapa and the nearby fishing town of Zihuatanejo are full of sea horses, manta rays, whale sharks, dolphins, and even orca whales. Isla Ixtapa is a little island offshore from the main resort town with four great beaches, all perfect for snorkeling. Rent your gear and arrange an excursion at one of the many trustworthy dive shops such as Zihua Aquadivers.
Zihua Aquadivers
Juan N. Álvarez #30 - 4. Col. Centro. Zip/C.p. 40880
Zihuatanejo - Guerrero - México
Tel: +52 (755) 5-44-66-66

Barra de Potosi

Barra de Potosi is a quaint village nestled along the Southern Pacific, just a 30-minute drive from the central resorts of Ixtapa. There is a bird and wildlife sanctuary here, located around a scenic saltwater lagoon where visitors can hike and boat. Barra de Potosi also has Playa Larga, a 9.5-mile beach. The sand is pristine and lined by palm trees, making this an ideal spot for a hike along the coast.


Surfing is another popular outdoor activity at Ixtapa. Playa Escolleras is a surfing beach right next to the main rock jetty at Ixtapa. Playa las Gatas is another nearby beach with decent waves for a fun ride. It is often crowded here due to the proximity to all the resorts in Ixtapa. Playa Madera is also a good spot to surf, located just five minutes from Ixtapa in Zihuatanejo Bay. There are plenty of surf shops to help you plan your outing, including Catch L'Ola Surf Shop.
Catcha L'Ola Surf Shop
Centro Comercial Kiosco Local #12
Ixtapa, Gro. Mexico 40880
Tel: (011) 52 (755) 553-1384

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