The Best Bluegill Fishing Lakes in Indiana

The Best Bluegill Fishing Lakes in Indiana
If you are thinking about fishing for bluegill in Indiana, you will find that there are many lakes to fish but only a few that are the best for fulfilling your daily catch limit. All you need to fish for bluegill in Indiana is your fishing gear, a boat and the right location where bluegills are abundant.

Patoka Lake

Bluegill fishing on Patoka Lake will keep all anglers busy for hours. The fishing is extremely fast since the lake is stocked with huge populations of bluegill and other fish such as walleye and crappie. Anglers can use one of the many boat ramps to access the waters and spend the day by any one of the ideal locations on the lake. A map of the lake is available at the main office to the campground.

3084 N. Dillard Road
Birdseye, IN 47513
(812) 685-2464

Summit Lake

Summit Lake is located in the state park where anglers can camp, launch their boats and fish for bluegill. The bluegill fishing over the years has become popular because of the stocking efforts of the fisheries. There is a boat launch just down from the beach, and with the use of a map of the water, you will be able to find the ideal locations where the bluegill are known to school.

5993 N. Messick Road
New Castle, Indiana 47362
(765) 766-5873

Lake Monroe

Lake Monroe is run by a local organization and has a good number of fish species, but the bluegill population is huge. Located near the University of Indiana, the lake gets its fair share of traffic. There are many boat launches for launching boats and two reputable fishing guide services in the area. The bluegill fishing is good all year long.

(812) 837-9546

Mississinewa Lake

The lake has boat launches and fish-cleaning stations for anglers that caught their fish daily. The bluegill population is large and it is easy to find the schools with the use of a lake map. Two piers are available catching the bluegills that are closer to shore. The lake covers more than 3,000 acres and has many channels and coves to fish.

4673 S. 625E
Peru, IN 46970
(765) 473-6528

Salamonie Reservoir

Salamonie covers more than 2,000 acres and has five launches and a marina. There are camping sites for anglers that want to spend a few days fishing for bluegill, which are found all around the reservoir. You will find ponds and marshes for fishing bluegill and many underwater structures where the fish school.

9214 W. Lost Bridge West
Andrews, IN 46702
(260) 468-2125

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