Phones That Work in Japan

Phones That Work in Japan
Travel to Japan is exciting and full of adventure. Japan is largely considered to be a country of mostly urban landscapes, but this is a misconception, as there are many beautiful natural environments in Japan. While visiting these out-of-the-way sites, phone contact can be difficult. However, there are many ways to remain in contact with friends and family while traveling through Japan.

Your Current Phone

Many U.S. phones do not work when calling or receiving calls in Japan. The satellite readings are different in Japan than they are in the United States. Not only that, but the cost of operating a phone number based out of the United States while in Japan can be very expensive. However, there are still options. T-Mobile is one of the few companies that have store locations to visit while in Japan. Other major U.S. companies such as Sprint and AT&T offer phones for rent or specific calling plans for visits to Japan.
T-Mobile locations:
Central Japan International Airport
1-1 Centrair Tokoname-shi
Aichi, Japan
Narita International Airport
Narita International Airport Narita-shi
Chiba, Japan
Fukuoka Airport
778-1 Shimousui Hakata-ku Fukuoka-shi
Fukuoka, Japan

Japanese Domestic Phone Companies

It is possible to visit a phone store in Japan and switch the SIM card out of your current phone and into a phone purchased at the store in Japan. There are many phone companies located in Japan, and it is easy to find a company that will activate a phone for you while in the country. These companies offer phone connections with your current SIM card as well as options to either rent a phone to use during your stay or to purchase a new phone. Remember to dial "011" when calling international numbers from the United States.
Japanese domestic phone companies:
001 0120-005-250
KDDI "au"
001 0077-7-111
SoftBank Mobile
001 +81-3-5351-3491
Shibadaimon Center Bldg 1 10 11
Tokyo105 8504, Japan
001 (81) 354006100
001 0120-921-157

Renting an Additional Phone

There are literally thousands of locations to choose from if a rented phone is desired. The above Japanese retailers will also rent phones to use during a visit to Japan. Sprint also offers phones to rent for a Japanese visit. There are also thousands of phone rental locations in Japanese airports. Narita Airport has a list of retailers that can be found in Japanese airports.
Narita Airport

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