The Best Scuba Masks

The Best Scuba Masks
A scuba mask can make a huge difference in your diving experience. An ill-fitting mask or one with an uncomfortable strap can virtually ruin a dive. Scuba masks today come in a variety of designs, with different lens shapes, strap mechanisms, different colored silicone, and even the ability to purge water or accept prescription lenses.

Best Scuba Mask without Purge

One of the best scuba masks around right now is the Matrix by Cressi. Cressi dive masks have a unique design in that they are teardrop-shaped. This allows for great downward vision. The lenses are also placed very close to the eyes giving divers one of the widest fields of vision of any mask currently available. The strap is very easy to adjust via pressure buckles which have been integrated into the headband. The masks come in both transparent silicone and black silicone depending on your preference. The silicone itself is crystal silicone, one of the highest grade silicones available and is extremely comfortable on your face, even if you are on a long dive.

Best Scuba Mask with Purge

There are a number of good scuba masks with purges on the market. One popular model is XS Scuba P2 M-Line purge mask. It used to be a mask that only fit medium to larger faces although it has now been redesigned for a more universal fit. It is a low volume mask that also features the teardrop shape lens so that you can look downwards. The mask has a new patented quick adjustment strap in the back so that you can quickly readjust your mask to fit. It too has a crystal silicone skirt, available either in black or transparent, for greater comfort. As far as the purge, the mask has a patented equalizer-purge design allowing you to easily clear your mask if you simply exhale through your nose.

Best Mask for Prescription Lenses

If you wear glasses or aren't comfortable diving in salt water with your contact lenses, a good dive mask that can be fitted with prescription lenses is a must. One of the best all-round dive masks that can be fitted with prescription lenses is the H2O Alpha 2. The mask is a low volume masks which fits most faces. It comes available with optical lenses from -1.5 to -8.0, and bifocal lenses are available +1.0 to +4.0. The mask has a crystal silicone strap for extra comfort, and even comes available with a purge valve feature should you require it.

Article Written By Shiromi Nassreen

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