The Peaks of Wenatchee Ridge

The Peaks of Wenatchee Ridge
You may hear Wenatchee Ridge called "Poet Ridge." This is due to the number of peaks of Wenatchee Ridge that are named after famous poets. There is Longfellow Mountain, Irving Peak, Whittier Peak, Poe Mountain and also Bryant Peak. Hikers, equestrians, skiers, rock climbers and mountaineers know Wenatchee Ridge as an excellent locale for enjoying outdoor recreation. You frequently see them headed for Mission Ridge, Mount David, Irving Peak or Poe Mountain. Remember that each area is well not suited for all ability and fitness levels, and it is wise to check out the areas ahead of time before attempting a climb or hike.

Mission Ridge for Equestrians and Skiers

Mission Ridge is a famous eastern peak of Wenatchee Ridge, measuring roughly 6,820 feet at its apex. It offers a number of trail heads and also gravel or dirt roads for easy access. The trails are open to equestrians, hikers, mountain bikers and motorcyclists. Choose a short three-mile trail and turn around or continue on a longer nine-mile trail that leads back to a dirt road to return you to your starting point.
Skiers enjoy 36 runs at the Mission Ridge Ski and Board Resort. A 2,250 foot straight-down drop makes this particular run a heart-stopping experience. In addition to the well-manicured slopes, you also have a chance to do some backcountry skiing and snowmobile racing.

Mount David for Hikers and Rock Climbers

Standing 7,420 feet tall, Mount David is the highest peak of the Wenatchee Ridge, and it consistently attracts hikers and rock climbers. You will find a small trail that leads to Mount David's summit, but even so you must bring along an ice axe, since the snow---toward the top of the mountain---remains well into the latter part of the summer.

Irving Peak for Hikers and Mountaineers

Irving Peak does not qualify as one of the tallest peaks of Wenatchee Ridge, but at 5,862 feet in height, it is excellent for hikers and budding mountaineers. You find Irving Peak in the southernmost area of the ridge, and the initial hike along the Irving Pass Trail is challenging because of its precipitous nature. At the end of the trail, look for pink markers that are periodically tied to the trees. These mark an unofficial trail to the summit. It is here that mountaineers and rock climbers come into their own, since some of the terrain is virtually straight up and requires finely honed skills and equipment.

Poe Mountain for Experienced Hikers and Campers

Poe Mountain stands 6,015 feet tall, making it the 10th tallest peak of Wenatchee Ridge. You may use the Poe Mountain Trail that takes you up on the westerly side. The trail demands an advanced level of physical fitness and also hiking experience, since some spots are very steep and not suited for beginners or weekend warriors. Camp in marked spots and do not create your own campsite. At the summit of Poe Mountain, you will see the remains of a lookout that once stood there.

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