The Best Free Things to Do in Los Angeles

The Best Free Things to Do in Los Angeles
Los Angeles is most commonly thought of as the city of sun, movies and Hollywood stars. But there's a lot more to this metropolitan, and the best part is there are tons of things to do that don't cost a cent. Take in the city for free with one of many fun activities and have the complete Los Angeles experience on the cheap.

Muscle Beach/Venice Beach Boardwalk

Go people watching or rollerblading on the Venice Beach Boardwalk. There are a lot of amusements to take in such as street performers, performance artists and lots of tanned bodies. Then head to "Muscle Beach," the outdoor gym famous for its hard-bodied gym rats. Gym members make a show out of working out by doing competitions for spectators. Get in on the action yourself and shoot some hoops on the basketball court. Or if you have skills with a volleyball, challenge someone to a match.

Venice Beach
1800 Ocean Front Walk
Venice, California 90291

Visit Griffith Park

The largest city park in the country, Griffith Park at 4,107 acres, is a wonderland of activity. Hike on one of the many trails that are open for casual walkers and expert hikers. Have a picnic on one of the lawns, take kids to the playground, take a bike ride or just take a nap under a shady tree. One of the loveliest spots is Fern Dell, a hideaway with waterfalls and droopy ferns that make it somewhat secluded.

Griffith Park
4730 Crystal Springs Drive
Los Angeles, California 90027
(323) 913-4688

Grand Central Market

This is Los Angeles' largest open-air market. Take in the fun of the morning rush as vendors bring out their goods to sell. The sounds, smells and sights are exciting. Take a stroll through all the action for free. Get involved in the culture of the city by taking a morning to tour through the Grand Central Market.

Grand Central Market
317 South Broadway
Los Angeles, California 90013
(213) 624-2378

Annenberg Community Beach House

Set on five acres, this is the only public beach house in the United States, and many of the activities and uses are free. Stroll through the gardens for a bit of relaxation or view the public art. Get in on a volleyball game with tour pros who train in the area, play some beach tennis or jump on the swings at the playground.

Annenberg Community Beach House
415 Pacific Coast Highway
Santa Monica, California 90402
(310) 458-4904

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Jeffrey Brian is a professional writer specializing in fishing topics. He also uses his real estate training, sales abilities and general life knowledge to tackle a variety of other subjects.

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