Surf Perch Fishing in the State of Washington

Surf Perch Fishing in the State of Washington
Surf perch are a common catch in Washington. The state abounds with saltwater perch in its coastal beaches year-round. According to the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, the state's three most popular salt water perch are sea perch, pile perch and red-tailed surf perch. Anglers flock to the state's numerous perch hot spots especially during spring and summer time.

Puget Sound

Puget Sound, the interconnected basins and marine waterways that extends north to south from Stanwood to Olympia is a hot spot for striped sea perch and pile perch. According to the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, striped sea perch and pile perch are often caught around Puget Sound's docks, piers and floats on incoming tides. Anglers should choose small pieces of bait such as clam necks, sand worms and shrimp to lure these species.

Grayland Beach

Grayland Beach is another popular hot spot for surf perch fishing. Anglers can find an abundance of perch from the Westport's south jetty south to the North Cove jetty. The beach can be access at the 412-acre Grayland Beach State Park which is open year-round. The park offers 7,449 feet of ocean frontage where anglers can cast lines for red-tailed surf perch fishing. Mark Yuasa from the Seattle Times advises that surf perch can be found along sandy shorelines just before they spawn in spring and early summer.

Grayland Beach State Park
940 Cranberry Beach Road
Grayland, WA 98547

Kalaloch Beach

Anglers can also find an abundance of surf perch at the coastal waters of Kalaloch Beach. The beach is located on the southwest coast of the Olympic Peninsula and is a part of the Olympic National Park. The beach is characterized by its rugged, rocky coast--a structure where surf perch like to lurk. Anglers can access the beach directly off of Highway 101. Surf perch tend to avoid flat sandy waters and prefer waters where the bottom drops off. Sand crabs, mussels and tube worms make excellent baits for this area.

Olympic National Park
600 East Park Avenue
Port Angeles, WA 98362

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