The Best Teardrop Trailers

The Best Teardrop Trailers
Popular from the 1930s to the 1950s, teardrop trailers have made a comeback in the last few years. Designed to sleep two people with a galley under a rear hatch, these trailers are now custom designed and built all over the country. Because of their size, almost any car and some larger motorcycles can tow them making teardrops accessible to anyone.

Gasoline Alley Teardrop

The Gasoline Alley Teardrop Trailer is a retro design from the 1940s based on a 1947 teardrop kit. Perfect for camping, this trailer features a bed for two and a hatch that opens in the back to access a fully functional galley.

Gasoline Alley Trailer Works
1330 Main St.
Speedway, Indiana 46224

HappiTrails Teardrop

Manufactured in Texas, the HappiTrails Teardrop Trailer sleeps up to four (two adults and two children) and is light enough for towing by a four-cylinder car. While perfect for camping, it can also be a cargo trailer to carry camping gear or other outdoor equipment. There are two sizes, including a 4x8 and 5x8 trailer.

El Paso, Texas

Lil Bear Teardrops

With five basic models to choose from, Lil Bear will custom build any trailer you wish. All models have a plywood structure with aluminum skin, insulated walls and finish-paneled interior and galley. Each trailer is custom built with a wide variety of features making a Lil Bear Trailer a reflection of your personality.

Lil Bear
12442 Maria Drive
Redding, CA 96003-9569

Tears of Joy

For an art deco all-wood look, check out the Wooden U2 by Tears of Joy out of New Mexico. With three models to choose from and customize, these trailers have a unique look with the wooden exteriors. The Sport model is a standard teardrop without a hatch and galley allowing you more room inside the trailer. While you can fit it with a galley, you can also choose from the Wooden U and the Wooden U2.

Tears of Joy
P.O. Box 1344
Tucumcari, New Mexico 88401

Missouri Teardrops

Built by Amish craftsmen, Missouri Teardrops come in three models--Lil Traveler, Campfire Campers, and Bak Pak Campers. The Lil Traveler comes in three sizes (4x8, 5x8, and 5x10) as well as three styles, which include white, silver and spirit. The least expensive model is the Bak Pak Camper, which is similar to the Campfire Camper with fewer amenities.

Missouri Teardrops
590 NW County Road M
Centerview, Missouri 64019

So-Cal Teardrops

So-Cal Teardrops come in four models including the Rover, Sierra, Cal-Deluxe and Krawler. Equipped with a galley and sleeping area, the models range in size from 4x9 to 5x11 and feature options such as a roof rack, air conditioner and heater, teardrop cover and 110-volt interior outlets.

Co-Cal Teardrops
8458 Loma Place
Upland, California 91786

Article Written By Laurie Roddy

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