The Best Catfish Bait for Texas River Fishing

The Best Catfish Bait for Texas River FishingCatfish are known for the prominent whisker-like organs near their mouth called barbels. It is a diverse group of fish that ranges from tiny to enormous in size. Texas freshwater river species include blue, channel and flathead catfish. The blue catfish is the largest freshwater gamefish in the lone star state. According to Texas Parks and Wildlife, catfish is the second most preferred fish to catch in the state.

Soured grain

Using soured grain is effective for luring channel and blue catfish in Texas waters. Fishing in areas close to tree stumps with soured grain such as maize and wheat is a popular method used by local catfish anglers. Anglers can make soured grain as bait by filling a small bucket with three quarters full of maize then adding water to the top and drying it out in the sand for about two weeks. Catfish find this pungent smell of soured maize irresistible, advised "Texas Sportsman Magazine."


For catfish drift-fishing, live shrimp is very good bait. You can also use the shrimp either frozen or thawed. This bait is effective in various fishing methods on the river. Aside from drift-fishing, shrimp work for fishing in heavy currents and casting. They are also readily available to be purchased in most supermarkets or grocery stores.


Worms are highly productive as catfish lures. Catfish like to feed on worms, however these lures need to be picked carefully and rigged appropriately for best results. Bigger worms are better for targeting river catfish according to "Game & Fish Magazine." A red worm works well for attracting channel catfish and it is also unlikely to be picked apart by other gamefish such as bluegills. Moreover, channel catfish likes to spend a lot of time swimming in deep river waters which makes casting a worm near the bottom a good tactic.

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