Things to Do in Cozumel, Mexico

Things to Do in Cozumel, Mexico
Located 12 miles off the coast of mainland Mexico, Cozumel is an island destination for tourists year-round. Though most visitors only visit Cozumel for a few hours when their cruise ship drops anchor, the island makes for an appropriate place to forget about the rest of the world while experiencing some of the island's many available activities.

Scuba Diving

Cozumel sits right next to the Great Maya Barrier Reef, the second largest in the world. Marine life off the southern and western side of the island thrives and offers water lovers an ideal opportunity to get up close and personal with our friends in the sea. Swimmers, snorkelers and scuba divers will all be satisfied, but it is the divers who will get the most out of a visit. San Miguel, the main town on Cozumel, is littered with PADI-certified dive shops and prices are competitive. Don't miss the chance to experience a drift dive while there. Drift dives involve being dropped off at one point and allowing a gentle current to move you along the reef at a leisurely pace before being picked up again. Sort of like flying in a glider plane, drift dives take little physical effort and are just pure fun. If you've never dived before, Cozumel is a good place to learn.

Cozumel Dive Guide
Deep Blue Productions
1372 Ave. 25
Cozumel, Q. Roo Mexico 77600
011 +52 (987) 872-5653

Professional Association of Diving Instructors

Mayan Ruins

Explore the Mayan ruins at San Gervasio for a glimpse into the island's past. Though not restored as many of the ruins on the mainland are, San Gervasio still is worth a visit as it played an important role in Mayan society. It is believed that the site was in use from as long ago as 100 B.C. to just before the arrival of Europeans. Dedicated to Ix Chel, the jaguar goddess of fertility, medicine and weaving, the site was visited by Mayans who would make offerings to the goddess. Structures include the main arch through which citizens would pass on their way to the central plaza, the Manita structure, named after the red-colored prints of a hand found inside and likely the residence of an important figure, and the Ka'na Nah structure, the largest in the area and supporting a temple on top.

San Gervasio Ruins

Josefina's Kitchen

The problem with Cozumel is that at some point you have to go home. No vacation lasts forever. However, there is something that enables visitors a chance to bring a piece of Cozumel home with them. Local chef Josefina Gonzales Luigi regularly teaches cooking classes focusing on cuisine of the Yucatan as well as the Cordova area, where she grew up. Classes begin with a trip to the market for ingredients before returning to Josefina's own home to begin preparation. Classes can be booked individually or in groups and include a demonstration, a keepsake recipe and a traditional Mexican meal. Each class covers the basics: guacamole, tortilla making from masa, quesadillas, ensalada de nopales, horchata, aqua de jaimaica and classic red and green sauces. Additionally, each class chooses one entree that they wish to cook.

Josefina's Kitchen

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