Portugal Camping Guide

Portugal Camping Guide
Camping in Europe is usually the equivalent of camping in an RV park, and the experience that many Americans take for granted of being able to get away from it all in a site that is relatively remote and has only basic facilities is rare. However, in the southern European country of Portugal there are some exceptions to that rule, especially in the outstanding and often-overlooked parks in the northern and central interior regions.

The Algarve

Located on the southern coast of Portugal, the Algarve is one of Europe's most popular beach destinations. Backcountry campers will be thoroughly disappointed with the options, but those looking to save money by pitching a tent will find a lot to cheer them. Hotels in the Algarve are often expensive, and camping or renting a trailer at a campground offers a way to visit the region and get some beach time without busting a tight budget.

Campismo de Valverde (near Lagos)
011 (+351) 282789211

Campismo de Albufeira (near Albuferia)
011 (+351) 289587629

(Substitute "00" for "011" when calling outside of the U.S. and Canada.)


The Natural Park of Arrabida (Parque Natural da Arrabida) is located in the Setubal Penninsula, only half an hour south of Portugal's capital of Lisbon. The park is dominated by a mountain of the same name. The sole campground, with a mix of tent sites and trailers for rent, is Campismo de Picheleiros. On the other side of the mountain are beaches and a marine park that is good for diving and snorkeling. There are a few hiking and mountain biking trails in the area, and the local villages are renowned for artisan cheeses and some of Portugal's best table wine.

Campismo de Picheleiros
C.C.I.103 - Picheleiros
2925-346 AZEITÃO

Parque Natural da Arrabida

The Minho

In the heart of the northern Portuguese region of the Minho is the National Park of Peneda-Geres (Parque Nacional da Peneda-Geres). This is distinct in status from every other major park in Portugal, as the rest are "natural parks," while Peneda-Geres is the sole national park in the country. It is a land of deep, green, well-watered valleys. The forests of evergreens, beech and Portuguese oak are home to deer, wild pigs and even wolves. The local farmers rear a breed of woolly cattle that are reminiscent of a similar Scottish highland breed, and these often wander untended through high pastures and tiny village roads. These attractions combine with some of the most demanding hiking trails in Portugal, and one of the few campgrounds without trailers for rent, at Campo de Geres.

Porta do PNPG em Campo do Geres
4840-030 Campo do Geres
011 (+351) 25 335 1888


Located near the border with Spain in the Portuguese region of Alentejo is the town of Portalegre. This is in the midst of the wine country that produces most of Portugal's red wine. About two miles outside of town is Portalegre Campismo, open between April and October. The area grants access to the Natural Park of Mount Sao Mamede (Parque Natural da Serra de Sao Mamede), and the quaint medieval border castle towns of Castelo de Vide and Marvao.

Portalegre Campismo
Quinta da Saude
Phone: 011 (+351) 24522848

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