Monuments in Uruguay

Monuments in Uruguay
Officially known as the Oriental Republic of Uruguay, this South American country located in the southeastern part of the continent, shares much of its culture with the neighboring country of Argentina. The capital of Montevideo has a bustling population of people mostly of Spanish and Italian descent. The city of Montevideo is an ideal place to take walking tours of landmarks and monuments, which have been erected throughout the country showing the Uruguay people's influence from its European ancestors.


This striking monument, known as Casapueblo, looks like something that would be in the middle of the Aegean Sea of Greece. Designed by architect Páez Vilaró, this Uruguay landmark located in Punta Ballena, is an homage to the architect's son who survived the crash of Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571. The monument is a museum, an art gallery and has a separate hotel. Inside the structure is a terrace restaurant serving regional cuisine with a view of the waters below.

Punta Ballena
Punta del Este, Uruguay

Albert Einstein Monument

Uruguay was a common stop for the Jewish community as they migrated from Europe in the 1920s, eventually settling in Argentina. The Albert Einstein Monument at Rods Park in Montevideo is a testament to the Jewish culture that still flourishes in Uruguay. Designed by Uruguayan sculpture Amadeo Rossi Magliano, the monument was inaugurated in 1935 in honor of the great scientist.

Rods Park
Montevideo, Uruguay

Teatro Solis

The Teatro Solis, close to Independence Square and Citadel Gate, is a live theater venue that takes place in a classic monument. Built in 1856, this is Uruguay's oldest theater and designed by architects Carlo Zucchi and Francisco Xavier Garmendia. A renovation took place in 1998 which included columns added to the monument designed by Phillipe Starck, the famed French production designer.

Ciudad Vieja
Montevideo, Uruguay

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