Colombian Monuments

Colombian Monuments
Colombia is full of culture and history. Three historical locations recognize the long and storied past of this South American country. The Monument to Effort, Puente de Boyaca and Vargas Swamp Lancers represent the struggles of Colombia's peasants and the battles fought for the country's independence.

The Monument to Effort

The Monument to Effort, also called Monumento al Esfuerzo, was constructed in tribute to the establishment of the city of ancient Quindio. Built by Rodrigo Arenas Betancur, the monument was built in 1842 during the city's colonization. It was created in the shape of peasants looking towards unknown land where they plan to colonize. The monument stands 28 feet and is bronze. The monument is placed in the main square of Armenia, the capital of Quindio.

Puente de Boyaca Bridge

Puente de Boyaca Bridge was build in the early eighteenth century and is known as a monument of Colombian independence. Located on the Bogota-Tunja Highway just under 70 miles from Bogota. In addition, tourists can check out other monuments, including the Fransisco de Paula Santander statue and the Von Miller monument. The bridge is named for the Battle of Boyaca which Colombia won over the Spanish Monarchy, granted the country independence in 1819.

Vargas Swamp Lancers

The Vargas Swamp Lancers was built in Bogota to honor soldiers who lost their lives in the Vargas Swamp Battle. The monument is one of the biggest in Colombia. Built in 1970, the monument features 14 soldiers with lances who represented the soldiers who defeated the Spanish. The bronze sculptural complex was rendered by artist Rodrigo Arena Betancur. It measures 108 feet high.

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