The Best Trolling Lures for Spanish Mackerel

The Best Trolling Lures for Spanish MackerelSpanish mackerel are a highly migratory species. This fish is characterized by its colors of green on its back, silver on its sides and irregular golden yellow spots above and below its lateral line. Many anglers consider trolling as the best method for catching this fish as they like to lurk from half a mile to 5 miles offshore. Spanish mackerel are also fast with excellent vision--lures and tactics that work best are the ones that can attract their sight and keep up with their speediness. (Pictured: Atlantic Spanish mackerel)


Small spoon lures such as the Clark spoon are effective for Spanish mackerel trolling. This lure is fast-acting with lifelike motions that attract the mackerel. They can be trolled easily and come in different types such as gold plated and stainless steel with swivels and beads attached. When fast trolling with spoons, try smaller sizes in gold if the water is clear. If the water is cloudy or dirty, trolling slower with a larger spoon will produce more bites.



Spanish mackerel feed on small, slender and silvery fish called silversides. Lures that match this hatch are best for attracting them. Trolling with lures such as Got-cha plugs is excellent for catching Spanish mackerel, according to Joe Malat from the "Chesapeake Angler Magazine." Plugs imitate deeper-bodied baitfish such as the silversides, making them useful for trolling. They work especially well when the mackerels are deep in the water, which is often the case during hot, summer days.

Artificial minnows

Artificial minnows are another excellent lure for Spanish mackerel. The Yo-zuri crystal minnow is a good choice for trolling because it allows the angler to fish deeper without the need to use weights or planers, according to "North Carolina Angler Fishing Guide." Artificial minnows reflect a lot of light, allowing the mackerel to spot them easily, even in murkier water. Choose minnows with plenty of wiggling action to produce the best catch.

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