The Best Lures for Fishing Lake Minnetonka in Minnesota

The Best Lures for Fishing Lake Minnetonka in MinnesotaLake Minnetonka in Minnesota spans over 14,000 acres with a maximum depth of 113 feet. The lake provides anglers with a wide variety of game fish year-round. The lake is a haven for many avid fishers, as it is well-stocked with walleyes, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, crappies, pike, muskies and bluegills. Numerous choices of lures are very effective on the lake.

Light weight lures

During seasons when fishing pressure slows down the catch, lightly weighted plastic worms are effective on the lake. The lake's bass typically surge into shallow waters on bays and canals especially after the ice fishing season. Light weight lures including lizards, soft stickbaits, spinnerbaits and rattlebaits are very good choices on shallow hotspots on the lake including around the boat docks and areas with shallow vegetation.


Power Baits and Worms

Walleyes and muskies are regularly stocked in the lake. Areas between the weedline edges down to 25 feet deep in the waters are hotspots and lures that work best are Berkeley Gulp Worm and Power Bait, especially on the lower section of the lake where there is the most varied structure.

Deep diving baits

Deep diving baits like crankbaits, heavy jigs and Carolina rigs work well on Minnentonka for bass fishing. The biggest fish can be found on offshore structure especially after they spawn and deep diving baits works really well for these spots according to Steve Quinn from Also try spots on the lake with rock humps which are associated with milfoil beds and underwater points.

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