List of the Best Survival Foods

Kiwi Fruit LeatherFood is a necessity in any survival situation to maintain your strength and health. Survival foods should have qualities such as high nutrition, being non-perishable, and high energy so you can be more comfortable and safer in a survival situation. Survival foods can be both foods that you can find in nature or that you prepare and pack in with you in case of a survival situation.



An MRE is a "Meal, Ready to Eat." These provide hikers and campers with food that needs no preparation, so they are convenient and easy to use in a survival situation. They can be packed in your backpack and will stay good for years, so you can buy them and hang on them until you need them. Pay attention to how much an MRE weighs before you purchase it, so that you aren't buying heavier items than you can effectively pack and carry with you. MREs can be purchased online at civilian army stores, at sporting goods stores and through online auctions.

Natural Foods


Natural foods are one of the most valuable assets in survival situations, because they provide you with additional and long-term food sources without having to pack in food and supplies. Natural foods that you should look for and pay close attention to include berries, bulbs and edible seeds/nuts. Huckleberries, raspberries, salmonberries (pictured above), blackberries and wild blueberries are high in energy. Bulbs, such as wild onions, can provide flavor for foods you are cooking. Edible seeds and nuts, such as beech seeds, walnuts, and pine nuts can also be collected. Plantains, dandelions and pine needles are also edible.

Energy Foods

trail mix bars

Fast energy and low-weight options for survival foods are important when you can't find readily available sources of meals. Pack high-energy foods, such as granola bars and energy bars, to help substitute for gathering food during these times. Energy bars provide high-calorie, high-carb energy so you can last longer on less food. You can also pack fruit bars, fruit leather (kiwi fruit leather pictured at top), and granola bars (pictured above) for more variety. These are lightweight, take up little space in a backpack and are best used when you do not have enough time to make or gather food. These can be purchased in bulk or individually at most grocery stores and sporting goods stores, and online through food suppliers.

Article Written By Justin Chen

Justin Chen is a freelance writer and photographer with 6 years of professional experience in outdoor activities, extreme sports, travel and marketing topics. His professional work experience includes publication with KOMO 4 News Seattle, Fisher Interactive Network, and Demand Studios. He is a current Pre-Med student at Walla Walla University.

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