The Best Fishing Baits in Michigan

The Best Fishing Baits in MichiganMichigan abounds with fishing opportunities. The state has about 146 fish species that ranges from minnows to sturgeon. With its 11,000 inland lakes and hundreds of rivers and streams- fishing spots, lures and techniques are virtually countless. However certain baits are found to be best by experienced local anglers for catching game fish in Michigan waters.

Daredevil Spoon

A standard daredevil spoon makes excellent bait for catching northern pike in the state, according to Michigan fishing guide Ernie Miller. This is especially true for fishing near the weedbeds in the early spring. The best northern pike action can be found in water that is between eight and fifteen feet and a hotspot is located between Linwood and Saginaw River. Other types of lures that work well include stick baits and red eye spoon.

Live and Artifical Minnows

When it comes to catching brown trout, a variety of lures and live bait can be effective as this fish is known for feeding on just about anything. Fly fishing works well during early spring when browns are actively searching for aquatic insects. Lures like minnows (pictured) are best during this time, according to Darren Warner of "Michigan Sportsman Magazine." Other effective baits include streamers and mayfly nymphs with darker patterns. For live baits, brown trout respond well to night crawlers and small minnows.


The Manistee Port is a favorite salmon hotspot for many Michigan anglers. The port has a large ledge that attracts salmon especially in August. The best lures to use when trolling the ledge are flies, according to Captain Dave Engle, a salmon fishing tournament veteran from a local fishing charter. Salmon fishing right on top of the ledge with water depths between 50 to 150 feet is excellent for trolling with flies especially on mornings. Different color flies should be tried but the best ones are the Howie Green Crinkle and the Pickles Sunshine. Flies that are green and glowing tend to be really productive.

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