The Best RV Accessories

The Best RV Accessories
Aftermarket accessories can turn your RV into a home away from home by reflecting your personality and catering to your needs. While many accessories target niche markets, others are indispensable to most RVers. You can find out what's lacking by looking around your RV and thinking about the things you wish were different. The best accessories will make your life easier and more convenient.

Yamaha EF30ISEBH Generator

Not many RVs come with built-in generators, but they're essential for primitive camping. If you want to use primitive sites that lack hookups, a generator will keep your batteries charged and power lights, appliances and other systems. According to, Yamaha's EF30ISEBH 3500-watt generator is a favorite of seasoned RVers. It's "Noise Block" system uses a fan-shaped housing and advanced materials to absorb sound instead of resonating it. This acoustic enclosure is coupled with an intake silencer to keep sound levels between 51 and 57 decibels. Yamaha's "Boost Control Unit" design allows the EF30ISEBH to use its 12-volt battery to meet the demands of start-up surges. A "Smart Throttle" improves efficiency and decreases noise by letting loads determine engine speed. This allows the EF30ISEBH to run for more than 20 hours with a 25% load.

Rand McNally TND 500 GPS

Serious RVers spend many hours on the road, and they know the importance of a good navigation system. A cockpit GPS saves time and money, indicates where vital services are and helps you to avoid routes your RV can't handle. Rand McNally's IntelliRoute TND 500 is tailor-made for RVers as it builds on the success of its "Motor Carrier's Road Atlas" with over 70 years of experience serving commercial carriers. An extensive database of nearly 13,000 points of interest with the ability to pull up 50 amenities at every location makes this GPS an invaluable resource. You can choose a route that suits your RVs length, width and height or plot the path that's quickest, shortest or has the least tolls. Rand McNally even plans to add road construction updates.

Rescue Tape

If you're taking lots of trips in your RV, it's only a matter of time till something breaks or fails. One of the handiest things you can have when this happens is a good repair tape. Rescue tape's self-fusing silicone material can handle 500 degree heat, pressures to 700 psi and 8,000 volts of electricity. You can even form it into a fan belt or temporary o-ring. Rescue tape was designed for tough military applications, and experienced RVers at say it's the best silicone tape on the market and possibly the most versatile repair product you can buy. Use it to fix plumbing and exhaust leaks, wiring breaks or anything else that requires a permanent water and air-tight seal.

Museum or Quake Hold Putty

We all want our home away from home to reflect our personality. That's why we're likely to hang pictures on the walls and put nick-knacks on the counters. Unless these items are properly secured, a bump in the road can turn our treasures into trash. Museum Putty and Quake Hold Putty are similar products that solve this problem. They won't damage surfaces like glues often do, but they stick well enough to hold items securely. If you want to replace a nick-knack, you can do it without leaving residues behind. You can even reuse the putty to mount new items.

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