Women's Hiking Clubs in Boise

Womens Hiking Clubs in BoiseWith 20 million national forest acres in Idaho, the hiking opportunities are endless. Forty percent of the state is set aside for outdoor enthusiasts, placing it third behind only California and Alaska for land made available for hiking, biking, fishing and camping in the United States. Boise National Forest, Payette National Forest and Hell's Canyon National Recreation Area are just some of the many hiking spots near Boise. If you are a woman and enjoy hiking, there are clubs in Boise, Idaho, for you.

Women's Hiking Group

Boise WHG is a hiking club for women of all ages in the Boise and the surrounding area. The group is for women who like to hike in the foothills and surrounding areas. Socialized dogs are welcome.

Boise Trail Heads

While not just for women, this co-ed meet-up hiking group schedules moderate hikes monthly. The group, while respectful of nature, is looking for an adventure on each hike. They recommend that all members have some experience hiking and that they be physically fit enough to hike for several hours at a time.

The McCall Hiking Club

As one of the larger hiking clubs in Idaho, The McCall Hiking Club hikes all over central Idaho. While hiking, the group shares information on the history of the area as well as facts on the local flora and fauna. Besides hiking, the McCall Hiking Club kayaks, snowshoes, cross-country skis and participates in winter and summer socials. Surrounded by forests, lakes and wilderness the group's playground is just out their back door. With 135 members (both men and women), The McCall Hiking Group hikes No Return Wilderness, Payette National Forest, Boise National Forest and along the shores of the Frank Church River.

Article Written By Laurie Roddy

A native of Houston, Laurie Roddy is a freelance outdoor writer with over 25 years writing experience. The main topics that she prefers to write about include hiking, golf, paddling, and traveling. She is a contributing writer for "Cy-Fair Magazine" and writes regularly for several websites. Roddy attended the University of Houston receiving a journalism degree. She has written "60 Hikes Within 60 Miles: Houston."

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