Muscular Endurance Activities

Muscular Endurance Activities
Muscular endurance is a necessity for sports that require sustained activity, such as swimming, running or bicycling. You can use light weights for muscular endurance activities, but your focus should be on how many repetitions you can do, not on how much you can lift. Keep the weight resistance low and the repetition of each activity high for best results. A number of activities you can do right in your own home will increase your endurance, according to the Fitness Link website.


Two arm exercises will increase your arms' muscular endurance. Lateral lifts consist of lifting your arms at your sides while holding a paperweight, book or other object. Work one arm at a time while your other hand is on your hip. Lift each arm for 10 minutes. Bicep curls also work for muscular endurance. Hold your arms down, elbows near your waist and palms facing forward. Grasp your object in one hand while curling that hand toward your chest, hold it there, then slowly lower it. Work one arm at a time with 10 curls on each arm.


Work your chest with pushups and chest presses. You can do the traditional pushups on the floor, with your legs straight out, toes bent on the floor and hands on the ground directly below your shoulders. Lift yourself up, then down. Another option is desk pushups, where you brace your hands on a desk instead of the floor, giving you a higher angle. Do at least 10 pushups per session.

For chest presses, hold your palms together in front of your face with our elbows pointing out to your sides. Slowly lift your palms upward, keeping them pressed together, until your elbows meet in front of your face. Slowly lower and repeat 15 times.


A number of leg exercises will increase the muscular endurance of your lower body. Start leg extensions by sitting on a chair with your feet flat on the floor. Slowly straighten and lifting one leg, with your foot flexed, and then lower the leg to its original position. Repeat 20 times for each leg.

Stand with your back flat against the wall for wall squats. Slowly lower yourself into a seated position, hold for 30 second, then stand. Repeat five times.

Hamstring curls are another lower body endurance activity. Stand straight, holding onto something for support, then slowly lift one leg behind you, bending your knee and moving your foot as close to your buttocks as you can. Lower the leg back down. Repeat 20 times with each leg.

Abdomen and Buttocks

Crunches and butt squeezes work to strengthen your abdomen and buttocks. Sit on the edge of a chair for your crunches, with your feet propped on another chair and your knees bent. Put your arms across your chest and lean back, then forward, toward your knees. Repeat 10 times.

Buttock squeezes consist of squeezing your buttock muscles, holding them tight for five seconds, then releasing. Repeat 10 times.

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