3 Best Freshwater Fishing Lures for North California

3 Best Freshwater Fishing Lures for North CaliforniaNorth Carolina freshwater fishing is abundant with crappie, trout and bass. There are many types of baits that work well in the state's lakes, ponds and reservoirs. The best baits are the ones that have proven tried and true by experienced local anglers. (Pictured: Walleye caught on drop-shot rig with green worm)


Lures such as spinnerbaits work really well especially during the pre-spawn bass fishing, according to "North Carolina Game & Fish Magazine." These baits are effective for luring bass when the water level is high and on hot spots with flooded areas such as buckbrush and willow bush-lined shores. Other lures that work really well on these conditions include buzzbaits and jig-and-pigs.


Triple Ripple Grubs

For crappie fishing, trolling with Triple Ripple Grubs in 1/32 to 1/16 ounce are some of the best lures in the state's freshwater. Jay Garrard, a veteran tournament crappie angler from Durham, advises that these lures work well, especially from early to late spring. The Triple Ripple Grubs are also available in assorted colors. Search for hot spots with brushy shorelines and deep nearby channels for catching quality crappie. The Charlie Brewer slider is another good choice for luring crappie.

Plastic Worms

Plastic worm lures such as Dropshot Worm are a very productive choice when it comes to catching freshwater game fish. Aaron Martens, a 10-time qualifier for the Bassmaster Classic, swears by this lure. He also advices you should consider water quality when it comes to choosing which color to use. Two particular colors are quite effective, Bold Bluegill and Red Crawler.


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