The Best Canoe Rivers

The Best Canoe Rivers
They don't call it "Alabama the Beautiful" for nothing. The state has the most ecologically and geologically diverse landscapes east of the Mississippi River. One of the best ways to view the state's natural wonders is to grab a canoe or kayak and paddle down one of the state's hundreds of rivers and tributaries. Here are three of our favorite canoe adventures.

Cahaba River

For an enchanting trip, try the Cahaba River, Alabama's longest free-flowing river. Located near Birmingham, the Cahaba's rich biodiversity includes the most fish per mile of any other river in the country. It's also home to the rare and beautiful Cahaba water lily. Enthusiasts will find everything from day-long paddles to overnight trips to moonlight floats. The Cahaba River Society (see References below) is the source of information for organized trips.

Bartram Canoe Trail

A wilderness adventure awaits you on the Alabama Gulf Coast, next to the state's second largest city, Mobile. The Bartram Canoe Trail offers more than 150 miles of river and bayou paddling that will take you deep into the second largest river delta in the country. Spanish moss-adorned oak and cypress trees line the narrow channels, giant golden orb spiders spin heavy webs to catch their meals and alligators plunge into the waters from steep banks. It's an area that has remained virtually untouched for hundreds of years. Floating camping platforms are available on a first-come, first-served basis (reservations are required.)

Sipsey River

It's called the "Land of a Thousand Waterfalls" and one visit to the Sipsey Wilderness near Double Springs, Alabama, will tell you why. Floating down Borden Creek or the Sipsey River will take you past 30- to 100-foot tall sandstone canyon walls, rock shelters and caves. All around you nature continues its work as hundreds of waterfalls sculpt the landscape. The rivers are cold, clear and spectacular.

Article Written By Joe Cuhaj

Joe Cuhaj is a freelance writer and author. His articles cover a wide range of topics including the environment, hiking and more. He has also written Web content for DIY guru Danny Lipford and the hiking website for the Alabama Department of Tourism. Cuhaj is the author of three books.

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