Campgrounds With Horse Corrals Near Centennial, Wyoming

Campgrounds With Horse Corrals Near Centennial, Wyoming
Few activities could be more western than saddling up a horse for a day's ride out from your Centennial, Wyoming campground. Setting up camp in the Wyoming Rockies is enough to stir that old west DNA; add a horse ride into the mountain forests and a routine camping trip can turn into something to remember. Centennial is the gateway to the Snowy Range of the Wyoming Rockies in the Routt National Forest. Starting about 30 miles west of Laramie on Wyoming 130, many campgrounds provide horse corrals and room for trailers.

Libby Creek Quartet

Rising up out of the grasslands of Laramie, Forest Road 351 loops high into the mountains and past several campgrounds. While many of the Snow Range campgrounds allow setting up camp with horses tethered, the larger campgrounds have basic corrals for horses. In the Libby Creek area, one corral is accessible to four small campgrounds: Aspen, Pine, Spruce and Willow. No reservations are accepted at Spruce, Pine and Aspen. Between the four, there are 38 campsites at an elevation of 8,600 feet. Campgrounds start just south of WY 130 on Snowy Range Road, and all are within 1 mile of WY 130.

Libby Creek Camping Area


North Fork

Trailer parking and a partially developed horse corral are part of the 60-site North Fork Campground. At the same elevation as the Libby Creek quartet, North Fork sits 1.75 miles north of WY 130 on FR 101. Reservations are accepted through The campground is in an area where there are a number of high country trail riding opportunities.

North Fork Campground
FR 101
1.75 miles north of WY 130

Nash Fork, Brooklyn Lake

Located in the high country at over 10,000 feet, the Nash Fork and Brooklyn Lake campgrounds offer limited corral space commensurate with their limited number of campsites. Brooklyn Lake accepts reservations through the website. Nash Fork is a first come, first camped facility. Brooklyn Lake campground has a ranger station; access to both parks is closed in winter. Only boats without motors are allowed on Brooklyn Lake.

Nash Fork Campground
WY 130 and FR 317, Brooklyn Lake Rd.

Brooklyn Lake Campground
FR 317, Brooklyn Lake Rd., 0.8 mile from WY 130


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