Monuments in Serbia

Monuments in Serbia
Serbia is a landlocked country in Eastern Europe. Currently classified as an emerging and developing country by the International Monetary Fund, Serbia has survived numerous conflicts during the 20th century with the most recent being the civil wars of the 90's. Nevertheless, Serbia has taken great pride in protecting its history by creating a governing board designed to protect historical monuments, ensuring that Serbia's rich and long history has remained preserved despite the unrest within its borders.

Crveni Krst Concentration Camp

As one of the concentration camps run by Nazi Germany during World War II, the Crveni Krst Concentration Camp at one point imprisoned 30,000 people within the confines of the camp walls. Most of those were Communists or prisoners of war, while a lesser amount of Jews were imprisoned as well, a rarity at the time. Of the 30,000 in the camp, 12,000 were executed. Today, the camp functions as a museum having been declared a protected monument by Serbia in 1979.

Monument to the Unknown Hero

Located on Mt. Avela outside of Belgrade, the Monument to the Unknown Hero was constructed upon orders of King Alexander I of Yugoslavia in honor of the fallen of the Balkan Wars and World War I. The monument is meant to represent all of the nations that came under the King's power at the time, which would include Serbia, Croatia, and Slovenia. The monument was declared protected by the state in 1987.

Monument to Stephen Lazarevic Memorial

Declared a monument by the Serbian government in 1979, the Monument to Stephen Lazarevic Memorial is located at the Church of St. Elijah in the village of Crkvine. Lazarevic brought about great changes to Serbia during the middle ages, bringing about a period of growth and renewal as well as a bit of a cultural renaissance. He is looked upon today as a source of cultural and nationalistic pride. The monument itself is a grave marker from 1427 where his body lies.

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