Best Sport Watches for Runners

Best Sport Watches for Runners
Many types of sports watches are designed for runners. The quality of sport watches is decided by testers and running experts, among them "Runner's World Magazine," the a popular publication for runners. Depending on how a runner will use a sports watch determines which watch is the best for that runner. Other factors, such as price, comfort and GPS functions, also can set watches apart.

Track Training

Timex Ironman Sleek 150-Lap

This new Timex design is an outstanding sports watch for runners performing speed and lap work. The Sleep 150-Lap's new tap-screen technology, allowing runners to activate timers and other features, is easy to use and won't distract you from your workout. The Ironman is equipped with new hydration and nutrition alarms, reminding runners to refuel when necessary. This sports watch is lightweight, and its three-line display screen is easy to read on the run. According to the feedback of runners and running experts, including "Runner's World Magazine," the Ironman Sleep 150-Lap is 2010's top sports watch for track training. The suggested price is $90, depending on the retailer.

GPS Feature

Garmin FR60

Like many other Garmin watches, the FR60 is equipped with GPS functions, so it's convenient for runners traveling to different locations or simply for runners discovering new trails. This new Garmin sports watch is lightweight and practical for runners on the road or when cycling during cross-training sessions. The Garmin FR60 can be programmed to automatically record laps and auto-pauses, such as at stop lights. Garmin training watches are exceptional GPS-run sport watches; however, according to testers and running experts, Garmin's FR60 stands out among all of Garmin's models. It costs about $100, depending on the retailer.

Heart Rate Monitor

New Balance N8 Trainer

This New Balance design has a shoe pod and also an outstanding heart-rate monitor system while recording your time and distance. The N8 Trainer works in two time zones at the same time, allowing runners to record and save data from two locations. Concurrent storing of training data lets runners who travel keep their records from home as well as store information from a new location. In addition, the N8 Trainer has a back light, which is convenient for night-time running. According to runners and experts, including "Runner's World Magazine," the N8 Trainer stands out as the leading sports watch for monitoring heart rate. It costs about $140, depending on the retailer.

Article Written By Maria Fernanda Cartaya

Maria Fernanda began writing for publication in 2003. She has lived and experienced the outdoors in North and South America, Europe and Africa. Her work has been published in Spanish newspapers. She earned Bachelor of Arts degrees in international relations and French from Syracuse University and speaks three languages. Maria is working on an international journalism Master of Arts from the University of Westminster.

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