The Best Bass Lures for Florida Bass

The Best Bass Lures for Florida BassFlorida has a variety of bass settings and the best lures have the ability to fish through a wide range of water and conditions. The state has large, open lakes, small canals and marsh areas in the Everglades. Anglers will find largemouth, smallmouth and peacock bass. The most productive time to catch bass in Florida is during the spring and early summer spawning period. The spawning bass are drawn to shallow water and become reckless when flashy lures are presented.

Carolina Rig

The Carolina Rig is one of the most versatile and effective lures used in Florida. It is common to see bass over 5 pounds caught on the rig. The Carolina Rig uses a worm hook with a soft plastic worm or crawdad. The hook is attached to a leader that is typically between 1 and 2 feet long. The leader is tied to a swivel and above the swivel is an egg sinker. The sinker will bump the bottom as you retrieve, and the lure will move naturally above the bottom. The rig can be used on rocky bottoms or in the numerous grassy flats in Florida. The Carolina Rig is a preferred method for targeting large bass and fishing through structure.



Florida bass can be consistently caught on topwater plugs and buzzbaits. Fishing topwater increases the amount of water you can access and reduces tangles with submerged obstacles. Topwater plugs can be used in the canals, lakes and marshes throughout the year but the lures are most effective during the spring and summer in the mornings and evenings. The bass are not selective about the size and color of the lure, but recommends a fast retrieve for attracting the large Florida bass. Use the topwater plugs and buzzbaits around weed beds, boat docks and other structures where bass are likely to ambush prey.


Spinnerbaits are used by many experienced Florida bass anglers. The lures are consistent producers as they annoy the bass into striking. Use spinnerbaits in white, black, pink and chartreuse color combinations and work the edges of boat docks, weed beds and bank-side vegetation. Spinnerbaits can also be used as a general searching lure in open water and along deep shelf areas. The majority of the bass fishing in Florida can be done with spinnerbaits between 1/4 to 3/8 ounces.

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