Saltwater Fishing Tackle Tips

Saltwater Fishing Tackle Tips
Anglers fishing for striped bass, bluefish, porgies, sea bass and other saltwater species must use the correct tackle to attract and bait fish. While the type of fish you are looking for will determine what type of lure or bait you use, there are tackle tips for saltwater conditions and fish species that will make fishing easier and more effective.

Hook Size

Use tackle specifically designed for certain types of species when fishing in saltwater. For example, when fishing for bluefish, use large hooks with wire leaders, but when fishing for striped bass, keep the large hooks but remove the wire leader. Opt for small hooks when fishing for porgies and other smaller fish. Fish used as bunker and cut into chunks are the best bait for bluefish and striped bass. Small pieces of clam and sand worm are the best choices for porgies and other small fish.


Tackle with Structure

Saltwater fishing from the shore at lakes requires tackle with structure. It is best to use a fine wire with a lightweight hook. Fish with a light setting on the drag. That way you can save your rig if the line gets snagged as you reel in a fish. Tighten the drag and bend the hook back into its original shape. Add new bait and then recast the line. Opt for hooks designed to bend just before line breakage occurs.

Shore Fishing

Artificial lures are the best choice when fishing shallow saltwater lakes. Use surface poppers, shallow swimming plugs and bucktails to keep your line from becoming trapped on the bottom. Shallow swimming plugs will not sink to the bottom and bucktails will only bounce along the bottom because of a specially designed hook and lead head. Pair with a microfiber line, such as the Fireline or Power Pro, to give you greater casting distance from the shore. If the cast-off point is near a rocky area, add several yards of mono at the end of the line to take the hits that occur during retrieval.


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