The Best Bass Lures for South Florida

The Best Bass Lures for South FloridaSouth Florida is a bass fishing paradise with an abundance of small lakes holding trophy-size bass. The water in South Florida remains warm year round, and the bass have a long growing season. Though summer is the most productive fishing time, you can catch bass all year on a variety of lures. South Florida has shallow waters compared with many other bass regions; you will most likely not need any deep-diving crankbaits or heavy trolling rigs. The Everglades, the region's main attraction, draws visitors seeking natural beauty, but the area also makes for an excellent largemouth bass fishery.


Spinnerbaits are a favorite lure for south Florida bass fishing. Many guides and experienced anglers will use spinnerbaits in the everglades during the cool mornings and evenings. Spinnerbaits sink at a moderate rate; anglers use them to catch aggressive bass during the prime feeding hours. The sink rate helps the lure avoid the shallow bottom in the Everglades and small South Florida lakes, and the flashy action of the spinner is ideal for drawing the most aggressive bass out of a feeding area. Spinnerbaits will catch a majority of largemouth bass, but you can also use them to catch hard-fighting peacock bass in the Everglades region. Spinnerbaits in 1/4-oz. sizes are ideal for fishing the area's shallow waters.



Jigs are a favorite for drawing bass from heavy cover in South Florida. The small lakes and Everglades waters teem with thick weed beds, grassy marsh areas and bankside vegetation. The waters also have small, open channels between the cover. A jig allows anglers to work the cover during the warm daytime period and the channel in the morning and evening. Jig a plastic worm on the edge of the structure to draw strikes, or rig the jig with a weed guard and bump the jig through the grassy flats as a general searching method. Use a slow retrieve when working the cover and a more aggressive, fast retrieve in the open channel.


Topwater plugs and poppers provide the angler with excitement as the strikes are visible and aggressive. This type of plug will also help you avoid the many snags in South Florida waters. The high population of bass in the canals and Everglades means that topwater fishing is almost always effective. Buzzbaits are a preferred lure and can prove successful in any bass lake in Florida. Buzzbaits are especially effective in the Everglades, where natural food sources are abundant and the bass aggressive. The noise of the buzzbait will not only attract bass but cause the fish to compete for your individual lure. You can also do well with a floating plug on a 2/0-size hook.

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