The Lightest Carbon Hiking Poles

The Lightest Carbon Hiking PolesCarbon hiking poles are designed to offer maximum weight savings for weight-conscious hikers and backpackers. Weighing mere ounces, these poles offer the stabilizing advantages of hiking poles without adding undue weight to the load. The lightest poles on the market forego features like adjustability and anti-shock hardware and weigh in under 10 oz. per pair.

Leki Micro Vario Carbon DSS Trekking Poles

Leki Micro Vario Carbon DSS Trekking Poles weigh only 1lb. 1oz. for the pair. Leki also offers a shock-absorbing Dynamic Suspension System and 5 separate carbon shaft sections to make easy for packing up inside the included nylon/mesh bag.

Komperdell Carbon Featherlite Poles

The Carbon Featherlite Poles from Austrian pole manufacturer Komperdell feature 100 percent carbon construction for a weight of just 4.3 oz. per pole. The poles include wrist straps, and tungsten/carbide tips for added durability. Komperdell claims its poles are stronger than lighter poles offered by Gossamer Gear and Bozeman Mountain Works.

Gossamer Gear LightTrek 3 Custom Poles

Known for offering some of the lightest hiking and backpacking gear on the market, including a sub-8-oz. backpack, Gossamer Gear makes the lightest trekking poles on this list. The made-to-order LightTrek 3 poles come in a variety of sizes, with weights starting at just 2.4 oz. per pole (longest poles are still just 2.6 oz.). These poles are fixed length and can be ordered in 5 cm increments between 110 and 135 cm. Baskets add .4 oz. to each pole. The poles feature a tapered shaft and carbide tip.

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