ATV Trails in Gunnison, Colorado

ATV Trails in Gunnison, Colorado
The Rocky Mountains near Gunnison, Colorado, provide ATV( all terrain vehicle) operators with trails for all skill levels, from main streets through authentic ghost towns, to high-elevation passes over broken boulders. Three of the largest ATV systems in the 600,000 acres of public land in the Gunnison River Basin, in southwestern Colorado, are in the area.

ATV Trails Near Lake City

The Lake City ATV trails near Gunnison, Colorado, offer 360-degree panoramas of the rugged San Juan Mountains, according to the Bureau of Land Management. The trails offer mudholes and rocky terrain to challenge the experts of the sport, but also provide miles of beginner-friendly roads shared by dirt bikes, jeeps and other off-road highway vehicles. At the top of Cinnamon Pass, riders can see up to 50 miles of peaks, pines and broken shale.There are six primary routes, according to the Bureau of Land Management, totaling almost 70 miles. The trails loop through canyons, creeks, gulches, ghost towns, alpine tundra, dense forests and rising elevations. The Nellie Creek ATV trail dead-ends at the trailhead for the Uncompahgre Peak, elevation 14,309 feet. ATV rentals, repairs and sales are available on site. The Lake City Chamber of Commerce website lists more than a dozen area campgrounds.

ATV Trails in Taylor Park

The Taylor Park area offers more than 40 trails, through landscapes suitable for every skill level, according to Lora Schmillen, the off highway vehicle coordinator for the Bureau of Land Management. Taylor Pass is full of boulders and very difficult terrain. All riders, however, can ride through abandoned mining towns. "It's definitely some of the best riding in the Rockies, with just the amount of trails," said Darrell Stevens, ATV enthusiast. "You can ride for weeks and never see it all." The park borders on the wilderness, Stevens said. Since the trails fan out through a state park, camping is available throughout. The Taylor Park Trading Post serves as the collective trailhead for the system, with a general store for groceries, a restaurant, rental cabins, and RV sites with hook-ups for electricity, water and sewer. ATV rental and repair is available on-site from Colorado Adventure Rentals. The Trading Post is located 34 miles northeast of Gunnison.

ATV Trails Near Crested Butte

ATV riders could easily spend a week in Crested Butte, using the Colorado town as a base camp to explore the area's ATV trails, said Greg Grossman, ATV operator. Peal Pass and Cement Creek are two of the area's most notable trails, Grossman said. Slate Road and Gothic Road are popular beginner's trails, while Schofield Pass and Gunsight Pass challenge skilled riders. Maps and advice regarding the trails are available at the city's Chamber of Commerce. Crested Butte is famous for the Elk Mountains, which rise like a wall from its city limits. Its also famous for wildflowers. Crested Butte is called Colorado's Wildflower Capital, and hosts the Wildflower Festival, every July. Hotels and camping are available in Crested Butte, as well as ATV rentals and repairs, from CB Motorsports.

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