Things to See in Ohio

Things to See in Ohio
Ohio is one of the most varied and fascinating states in the nation. It has large cities, rural meadows, forested hills and the Great Lakes just to the north. The seventh most populous state in the United States, Ohio has the man-power and population to provide visitors with a daunting variety of sights and attractions. Here are a few of the best things to see.

Tyler Davidson Fountain

Located in the heart of Cincinnati, this imposing fountain stands 43 feet in height. Imported from Germany in 1870, the fountain was originally designed to promote the good works of mankind and pay tribute to local businessman Tyler Davidson. It has become a symbol of the city and the region ever since. Standing in the middle of Fountain Square, the statue is surrounded by a popular plaza with restaurants and shops.

The Wilds

The largest conservation center in North America, The Wilds protects 25 non-native species, many of which are endangered. The preserve, located on nearly 10,000 acres in Muskingum County, is open to visitors between May and October. Sightseers bounce around the compound in massive trucks outfitted with seats. You can expect to see elephants and giraffes.

The Wilds
14000 International Road
Cumberland, OH 43732

Explore Kelley's Island

This Lake Erie island, located near Sandusky, is home to a number of cultural treasures worth seeing. The sights include the local architecture, much of which is registered as a national historic site. Other attractions range from the natural to the historical. Kelley's Island State Park is home to the world's most well-preserved and largest glacial grooves. There is also Inscription Rock, one of the finest examples of Native American pictographs in the state.

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