Ice Fishing on Lake Minnewaska in Minnesota

Ice Fishing on Lake Minnewaska in Minnesota
Lake Minnewaska, in Minnesota, provides anglers with a productive fishing destination year-round. The lake has 20 miles of shoreline with healthy populations of diverse game fish. The lake is carved by glaciers and is the 13th-largest lake in Minnesota. Ice fishing is a well-known winter activity on Lake Minnewaska.

Lake Minnewaska

Lake Minnewaska is in Glenwood. It covers 7,110 acres and is the largest lake in Pope County. Ice fishing is the popular winter sport, but during the warmer months, the lake also is known for sailing, boating and water skiing. The lake is abundant with walleye and bass. Other fish species include sunfish, bluegill, northern pike, crappie and bullheads.

Lake Minnewaska
Glenwood, MN 56334


Ice Fishing

According to, the lake maintains its fish population in size and number. Ice fishing for bluegill is abundant due to Lake Minnewaska's vegetation and depth. The north end of the lake near Glenwood and the Department of Natural Resources landing is a well-known ice fishing hot spot. According to in January 2009, the lake's frozen ice surface is about 18 inches thick.


A Minnesota fishing license is required at the lake. As of March 2010, ice fishing season dates are from Jan. 15 to March 31. No more than two fishing lines are allowed through the ice and anglers must remain within 200 feet of fishing lines at all times. Lake Minnewaska also hosts an annual Take A Kid Ice Fishing Weekend every February. State residents age 16 and older can fish free with children younger than 16.


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