Camper Stove Parts

Camper Stove Parts
The modern camper has revolutionized the way we spend time in the great outdoors. Although many people still prefer to rough it with a sleeping bag and tent, many others like the comfort and security that come with owning a camper. One of these comforts is having a propane-powered cook stove that can prepare better meals than a campfire. The parts of the cook stove are simple enough that almost that anyone can make repairs without having any particular expertise.

The Regulator

The regulator controls the flow of gas from the propane tank to the camp stove. It consists of three main parts: a hose, the control knob and the igniter.

The hose is securely attached to the propane tank access point, so that gas flows directly from the tank, through the hose, to the regulator. The regulator itself is a knob that turns the flow of gas on and off when a valve is opened and closed.

If your camp stove is equipped with an electric igniter, this is usually mounted on the regulator. Pressing the igniter button will create an electric spark, which will ignite the propane in the burner.

Burner Controls

Just like your stove at home, the camper stove has knobs to control how much flame you want to use. Propane that is piped in from the regulator passes through a control valve on its way to the burner. This control valve is attached to a burner control knob. Turning the knob opens and closes the valve, to either increase or decrease the amount of gas flowing through the burner, thus allowing you to control how big the flame is.


Camp stoves have two types of burners: high-pressure and low-pressure. Most camp stoves come with low-pressure burners. These burners are ideal for regular cooking, particularly inside the camper.

If your camp stove is portable and can be taken outside, you may consider equipping it with a high-pressure burner. This will produce a more intense heat, which is good for rapid boiling or for deep frying.

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