Freestyle Bike Tricks

Freestyle Bike Tricks
Freestyle bike tricks are usually performed on a flat plane, and involve the riders acrobatically orienting themselves on different portions of the bicycle while they continuously balance the frame in different positions. Each position or style of riding the bike is considered a trick, and it's important to have a good knowledge base about flatland tricks to help get you acclimated to the muscle groups involved in such a technical performance.

The Manual

In essence, a manual is performed by balancing the bike on a single tire, and coasting without pedaling (pedaling is a different trick). Depending on which tire remains on the ground, the trick is either a plain manual, or a nose manual. The first means the front tire lifts off the ground, while the second is performed by lifting the back wheel off the ground. Either way, the trick requires the rider to balance the bicycle on one tire while moving.


The Bunny Hop

The bunny hop involves jumping the entire frame of the bicycle off the ground. A bunny hop it is also called a curb hop when the rider lifts the front tire before the rear; however, this technique is oftentimes employed to hop really high.


This trick is done by rolling with both feet on the front pegs, and simultaneously holding the back tire up so the handlebars are hovering just above the asphalt.


This is performed by rolling forward and doing a tail whip while the rider is standing on the front pegs.


Scuffing is when the rider makes direct contact with a foot and the tire to either maintain speed, to brake or to freeze the bike in position (which is known as a stall).


A stall is done by orienting the bike frame in a given position, and then holding--or stalling--it there for a few seconds.


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