ATV Trails in Northern Utah

ATV Trails in Northern Utah
Logan River Canyon in the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache (Cache) National Forest is one of the more beautiful places in northern Arizona for recreation activities--particularly for off-road all-terrain vehicles. The Logan-Cache mountains in the Cache National Forest rise from the valley floor at 5,000 feet to more than 10,000 feet in elevation. With US 89 following the Logan River up the canyon, there are many trails on which ATVs are permitted. Some of the trails lead to areas that look much the same as they looked when the mountain men first arrived in the area to trap beaver. Cache Valley gets its name from being the place where furs were cached during the trapping season.

Right Hand Fork, Logan River

The glacially eroded canyons off US Hwy 89 provide trails that combine wildlife viewing, ATV trails and scenic wonders. ATVs can travel three miles southeast from the parking area and choose to climb uphill east on Forest Road (FR) 147 to circle back north through Steel Hollow on FR 013, a 15-mile loop. Another option is to head down canyon southwest to US 89 on FR 52 and then north on the Preston Trail (FR 151, 061, 024A and 024; all of which are the same trail) on an 11-mile loop.

Trailhead parking is at Lodge Campground, 10 miles east of First Dam Reservoir in Logan on US 89. Turn right at FR 81, a little less than a mile northeast of the Preston Campground. Lodge Campground is a little morre than a mile from the highway.

Temple Fork and Long Hollow, Logan Canyon

For a good day's ride, there's a nearly 25-mile mountain loop trail starting at the popular Temple Fork trailhead on US 89. The trailhead is right at the junction of FR 007 and US 89. This route follows Temple Fork Creek and the valleys cut in between the mountains near the top of the range. FR 007 runs east for about seven miles to the junction with FR 056, then south six miles through Long Hollow to the Steel Hollow Trail, FR 013. Coming out of Long Hollow, the first road on the right is FR 148. FR 013 is immediately past this road. Follow FR 013, which becomes FR 055 about halfway across its almost eight miles length to FR 153. This road runs about four miles and connects to FR 007 about five miles from the parking area. There are some beautiful, dispersed camping areas in the hollows.

Temple Fork is about 15 miles east of First Dam Reservoir on US 89. Turn right at FR 007 and then immediately turn right into the parking area.

The Sinks, Beaver Mountain Area

A long day or multi-day ATV trip takes the Sinks trails running the ridge above Logan Canyon all the way to Blacksmith in the Cache Valley. This is a two-vehicle trip, with one vehicle parked on Utah 101 at the Shenoah picnic area in Blacksmith Canyon and the other dropping the ATVs on US 89 at Sinks Road on the Cache-Rich county line. Traveling south from Sinks Road (FR 055), the ride is more than 14 miles to FR 007 in Temple Canyon. Continuing south on FR 105 for 10 miles along Saddle Creek, the balance of the trip south is seven miles along the Blacksmith River to FR 245. A seven-mile jaunt on FR 245 brings the ride on the Utah 101 about a mile west of Shenoah.

Sinks Road is 28 miles east of First Dam Reservoir on US 89. Parking is at the intersection of US 89 and Sinks Road. Shenoah picnic area parking is eight miles east of Utah 165, Hyrum, on Utah 101.

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