The Best Fishing in Breckenridge, Colorado

The Best Fishing in Breckenridge, Colorado
Breckenridge, Colorado is an outdoor enthusiast's paradise. A little over an hour from Denver, the town and surrounding area has something for everyone. In one day you can hike Mt. Quandary, fish Montgomery Reservoir and eat dinner with your family at a restaurant overlooking the Blue River. Both the accommodations and the activities will bring you back year after year.

Upper Blue River

Blue River

The Blue River travels through the heart of Breckenridge. After the high-spring flows, it settles into a fun and easily-fished river. Anglers enjoy generous Blue Wing Olive hatches. By mid-summer, the Green Drakes will have come out in the thousands.

Fish the Stair Steps just north of town. The steps, a series of drop ponds, were created by the city for trout during low flows. This spot is great for beginners and still fun for experienced anglers. Park near the recreation center and walk down.

Lower Blue River

Lower Blue River

The Lower Blue River starts after Dillon Reservoir and flows through the town of Silverthorne. According to, it is the most popular tailwater in the area. Trout gather below the dam and feed on huge amounts of Mysis shrimp, growing more than 2 feet in length. This is a great place to catch large, high-mountain trout. During the summer, the whole river fishes well. In the winter, avoid frozen water by fishing within five miles of the dam. Park at one of the many river access points throughout the town of Silverthorne.

Montgomery Reservoir

Located at the base of Hoosier Pass, Montgomery Reservoir is remarkably beautiful. Bring your family and camera. According to the DOW's hatchery system, Montgomery is stocked with an average of 20,000 rainbow trout each year. Catch fish on flies, lures and bobbers. Most anglers recommend the spillway below the dam, but you can bank fish the entire shoreline of the reservoir as well.

Streams and High Mountain Lakes

Goose Pasture Tarn Lake

Lose the crowds by leaving the big water and finding a stream or small lake. This requires some exploring and maybe a little hiking, but it is worth it. Fish the lakes with small trout lures and the streams with worms and flies. The area surrounding Breckenridge is littered with small and rarely-fished water. Try Lower and Upper Mohawk Lake, McCulloch Gulch and the Blue Lakes.


Article Written By Ryan Tuck

Born in Colorado, Ryan Tuck grew up with the outdoors in his backyard. After attending Whitworth University in Washington state, he returned to his hometown and built a popular hiking and biking trail guide. Today, Tuck helps others enjoy the outdoors by writing for

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