Tips on Fall Bass Fishing in Colorado

Tips on Fall Bass Fishing in Colorado
Fall is an excellent season for bass fishing in Colorado. The bass are motivated to consume as many calories as possible before cold winter temperatures arrive. Fall also means the waters are less crowded with anglers and the changing colors can provide a scenic backdrop. Colorado waters are much colder than many bass waters and the fish must be aggressive during the short growing season.


Most of the Colorado bass fishing is found on the east slope and front range. Some bass fishing can also be found on the west slope and in the southern part of the state around the New Mexico border. Navajo Lake is a top choice for fall bass fishing in Colorado. The lake sits on the New Mexico border and the stays warmer in the fall than many of the other lakes. Navajo Lake has fishing for both largemouth and smallmouth bass. You will also find bass fishing in McPhee Reservoir, Chatfield Reservoir, Bonny Reservoir and Pueblo Reservoir.


Fall bass can be caught on the surface or down in the depths. Surface action is best during the early fall and fisherman can have success on poppers and floating plugs. As the fall progresses the fish will move deeper and can be caught on spinnerbaits, crankbaits, diving plugs and spoons. Colorado bass tend to hug structure and avoid open water as many of the lakes are very clear. Use large lures during the fall and make a quiet approach as the water is generally low and clear. Jigging is also a favorite fall fishing method in Colorado. Jig around deep structure and use large white and chartreuse marabou jigs. Jigging allows you to keep the lure in the water longer and is effective in the late fall as the bass become sluggish with colder temperatures.

Season and Temperature

Autumn weather in Colorado generally begins in September. In the lower elevation areas, September can be a warm month with temperatures above 80 degrees Fahrenheit. September can also mean snow and low temperatures in some years. Bass fisherman must plan fishing trips around the weather and attempt to hit the water on the warmer days. October can also be a productive month for bass fishing in Colorado. In a warm year, October means the bass are feeding aggressively and is often the best time to go fishing in the fall. In a normal year the first two weeks of October are productive near the eastern and southern borders but the lakes above 6,000 feet begin to slow with freezing night temperatures.


In Colorado you will find largemouth bass and smallmouth bass. Largemouth bass are more frequently found in Colorado's lakes as compared to with smallmouth. . Largemouth and smallmouth bass can both be found along the eastern slope and around the southern border in good numbers.

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