The Best Saltwater Fly Fishing Lines

The Best Saltwater Fly Fishing Lines
Quality saltwater fly lines are available in abundance, but the best lines will be durable, slick and have a supple casting ability. The majority of saltwater lines are built to make long, shooting casts and lines come in a variety of sizes, styles and colors. The best lines will have neutral colors and have the ability to handle multiple fishing situations. Floating lines are common among saltwater anglers but sinking lines and fast sink shooting heads have a variety of fishing applications.

Floating Lines

Floating fly lines have numerous saltwater applications but are most often used when fishing in flats. Floating lines are used by many anglers for bonefish, tarpon, permit and dorado. The RIO bonefish line is one of the best floating saltwater fly lines available. The line has a medium stiffness and a long back taper for stable casting and a medium front taper for shooting line on short casts. It has a light blue color that will blend in saltwater flats and can be used for a variety of species but is intended for bonefish. Airflo also makes some of the best fly fishing lines on the market. The Ridge GT model is designed for heavy-duty saltwater applications and is used on 10-12 weight rods. The Ridge GT uses a 50 lb. braided core for fighting power against large powerful game fish like giant trevally and marlin.


Intermediate Lines

Intermediate lines are ideal for catching fish that are feeding several feet below the surface. Intermediate lines are also effective on fish that are not moving out of the area. The slow sink rate allows you to time the passing of a fish while sight fishing and put the fly directly in front of the fish. In addition to the floating line the Airflo Ridge GT also comes in an intermediate model, which is ideal for sight fishing in open water. The Airflo Cold Ridged Striper line is another top intermediate line for fishing in open water. The line is more supple to be used in cold waters. The supple line will not coil or stiffen and will allow you to continue casting without knots and extra effort.

Fast Sink Lines

Fast sink and shooting head lines allow anglers to make long casts and reach deep water. Shooting heads are ideal for fishing open water and chasing tarpon, marlin, sailfish and other large, aggressive game fish. The Rio Max II shooting heads are a top-rated line by Flyfishin because of the front load taper that is built for casting large saltwater flies. The line can be purchased for rods from 6-12 weights. recommends integrated shooting which include a shooting head that is already connected to the running line. Quality integrated shooting heads can be found through Airflo, Orvis, Cortland and Scientific Anglers.


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