Bass Pro Fishing Shops in Toronto

Bass Pro Fishing Shops in Toronto
Bass Pro Shops in Toronto is a destination for the avid outdoorsman and offers a unique shopping experience. In addition to a wide selection of outdoor products, Bass Pro Shops locations have many store events and activities that make a visit fun for the whole family.

The Bass Pro Shops Experience

Bass Pro Shops looks from the outside like a large hunting lodge. Walking inside, one feels like he may instead be walking outside. Moving from the entrance of Bass Pro Shops into one department and then another, a shopper finds himself surrounded by realistic wildlife scenes, including ground vegetation, birch trees, rock-ledge overhangs, and real mounted animals. The high-ceiling "sky" and the sound of a nearby waterfall further convey the sensation of being in the great outdoors.

Bass Pro Shops is Fun for the Whole Family

Inside Bass Pro Shops in Toronto, several spaces are instant attractions to kids. There is a shooting range arcade in one corner, adjacent to the hunting department. For a small amount of money, kids can pick up the arcade rifles and have fun aiming at game targets while the outdoorsman who brought them browses the items in the store. There is also a large live fish aquarium containing local native fish. There are scheduled weekly fish feeding times posted so shoppers and visitors may enjoy the aquatic life in action. Other areas throughout Bass Pro Shops provide more fun, such as a stuffed fox peering out from behind a display of hiking boots.

What You'll Find at Bass Pro Shops

At Bass Pro Shops' "Outdoor World" in Toronto one will find small and power boats, camping gear and tents, hunting gear and archery equipment, fishing equipment (float tube, fly, and freshwater), winter sports gear, outdoor performance apparel and footwear, electronics (fish-finders, GPS devices, etc.), and more.

Article Written By Seth C. Burgess

Seth C. Burgess has been an outdoor writer for since May 2009. His educational background includes a Bachelor of Science degree in information technology and a Master of Business Administration degree, both from the Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, N.Y.

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