Family Vacations in Kennebunkport, Maine

Family Vacations in Kennebunkport, Maine
Kennebunkport, Maine is a small coastal town of approximately 2,700 residents. The town is named after the river that runs through it. While Kennebunkport is often seen as a getaway destination for the upper classes, it is also a good place for a family vacation.

The Beach & Ocean

Kennebunkport sports several beaches that border the Atlantic Ocean, and these are both on the coast of the mainland around the town, and on the small islands offshore. Aside from catching the sun, visitors on a family vacation can enjoy a wide variety of activities on or by the water, including building sandcastles, strolling through gardens and nature trails that lead to and through the beach, or enjoying a whale-watching or shark-watching tour.

Autumn Leaf Changes

Vermont and New Hampshire are not the only states famous for their natural beauty during the autumn leaf changes. The area around Kennebunkport, Maine, hits peak leaf color in the second and third weeks of October, a little bit later than the northern and central parts of the state. The Rachel Carson Wildlife Preserve is less than 10 miles from Kennebunkport, and offers tourists a place to walk around and enjoy the autumn leaf changes while on vacation.

Kennebunkport Bed & Breakfast Tour

The Kennebunkport area is famous for its many bed and breakfasts. A family vacation of seeing the local sights can be highlighted by moving from one bed and breakfast to another every couple of days. There are upscale places like the Captain Lord Mansion, while there are also simpler but still very nice bed and breakfasts on the coast like the Beach House Inn, or the Ocean View Bed & Breakfast Inn. As of 2010, there are over 20 bed and breakfasts in the Kennebunkport area, giving visitors on a family vacation a lot of options.

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