Malawi Monuments

Malawi Monuments
Located at the southern tip of the Great Rift Valley, Malawi has everything you would expect from an African vacation---incredible wildlife, breathtaking scenery and friendly people---but it offers some things you wouldn't. Malawi also has a rich history and culture and, based on recent discoveries, may even be the very cradle of humankind. While on safari, visit some of awe-inspiring Malawi monuments.

Malema Excavation Site

In Malawi's remote northern district of Karonga, close to the Tanzanian border, lies the Malema excavation site and Karonga Cultural Museum Center. In 1991, German paleontologist Friedemen Schrenk discovered 2.5-million-year-old remains of what may be Homo sapiens' oldest relative---a pre-human called Paranthropus Bosei. The site houses some of the oldest dinosaur fossils ever discovered dating from 100 to 140 million years ago and currently hosts cultural events including music and dance performances.

Livingstonia Mission

High above Lake Malawi on Mount Waller is Livingstonia Mission. Scottish missionaries following the famous explorer David Livingstone founded the mission in 1894 to escape the malaria outbreaks that were rampant around the missions nearer the lake at the time. Accommodations are spare, and the roads may become impassible during the rainy season, but for those willing to make the scenic journey, this is a must-see monument to Malawi's colonial history.


The township of Mangochi in the southern part of the country has several monuments dating from the late 19th and early 20th centuries that hark back to Malawi's colonial past. The site includes an impressive clock tower built to honor Queen Victoria, as well as a Hotchkiss gun from the Gwendolen---a famous gunboat that patrolled Lake Malawi for nearly 50 years until its decommissioning during World War II. As one of the main tourist destinations in Malawi, Mangochi offers plenty of services to visitors.

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