Snow Games for Girls

Snow Games for Girls
Snow games for girls provide fun in the winter. Winter means cold and excessive amounts of time spent inside, but playing games outdoors can break the cycle of constantly being indoors. Snow provides the perfect opportunity for games. Skiing and snowboarding are ideal winter pastimes, but there are numerous other games that can be played with minimal supplies and equipment.

Traditional Games

Making snow angels is one of simplest and most satisfying games for girls. Dress in warm, waterproof clothing and find some fresh, soft snow. Lay in the snow with your arms spread to the side. Point your legs strait and spread your legs while swinging your arms in an upward and downward motion. Make the motions several times before carefully removing yourself from the snow angel. Another fun game is sled races. Find a hill with a gentle slope and race down the hill in sleds. You can do individual races or race in teams. Keep safety in mind and walk the hill while checking for hazards before beginning the race.

Snowball Fights

Snowball fights might be considered a boys' game, but many girls will enjoy a snowball fight as well. Snowballs wrapped in newspaper are softer than hard packed snowballs and should be used with younger girls. Teenage girls can pack snowballs but should avoid ice and use powder to reduce the risk of injury. Snowball fights can be done in teams separated by colors or can be done in a chaotic manner.

Snow Woman

Rather than building a snowman, build a snow woman. Dress the snow woman with a pink scarf and possibly a bonnet to make it clear that it is a woman. You can also use candy and vegetables to make the face look like a woman. Once the snow woman is finished you can take turns throwing the bonnet like a Frisbee while attempting to land it on the head.

The Biggest Snowball

Put the girls in pairs and have a competition to make the largest snowball. Use a clock for 10 minutes and have the girls begin building the snowball. Once 10 minutes have expired, determine whose snowball is the largest. After the winners have been declared, destroy the snowballs.

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